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Join North Idaho Mineral Club

Club dues for adults are $10.00 per year and families are $17.50 per year. Children may join for free. Club dues must be received before January 1 for the following year.

North Idaho Mineral Club Membership Form

Date: New member: Renewal:
Dues are $10.00/Year for adult, $17.50/Year for a family
Last name: First name:
If this is a family membership, list all names (add ages of any children)
First name: First name:
First name: First name:
Address: City:
State: Zip code:
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Amount paid: Paid by: Check Cash
Dues are due at November meeting for the next calendar year
Newsletters are sent via email, if it is provided.
Make check out to and mail this form to:
  North Idaho Mineral Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1643
Hayden, ID 83835