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Tips for Silversmiths

The success of the final polish on silver depends on the number of buffing wheel threads - not the amount of rouge used. A cheaper buff will not give the same results as a quality one.

Plain old-fashioned whiting moistened with ammonia water makes an excellent agent for polishing tarnished silver. Wipe the paste on; allow it to dry; then rub with a piece of lemon. Wash and dry thoroughly. The silver will stay brighter longer than with ordinary cleansing.

To rub smooth the high points of a gold article, use sodium bicarbonate with a minimum of water.

To antique silver jewelry, paint the pieces to be darkened with raw egg yolk. Rinse off the egg and rub highlights with Linde A.

Glue your pattern on the silver with rubber cement. It removes easily.

Bon Ami applied with a toothbrush will give a satin finish.

One of the most useful and versatile tools on your workbench should be the orangewood stick. This tool is sold for the purpose of working on cuticles and is available in all cosmetic departments. The orangewood stick is soft enough not to mar gold or silver, yet is hard enough to use as a pushing tool in setting prongs. It will not scratch gems and will reach into impossible places.

Source: The Lodestar - 11 /92