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Saw coolant alternative

Tired of the high cost of oil for your big saw, or little saw? Well we hear all sorts of things to use so I might as well add another. I have been using a concentrated water additive in my 18 inch Highland Park and my 24 inch Hillquest . It is called Cim Cool, It is a Metal working "fluid and you mix it 1 to 25.

The product is alkaline so disposing of the sludge does not become a problem. My Highland Park has a metal lid and if I do not have enough coolant to keep the blade cool and a mist rises in the tank, the hood may appear to form small rust spots . So I make sure that my coolant level is about 1/2 inch up on my blade. My Hillquest is fiberglass and plastic so I do not have that problem but I still keep my blade in approximately 1/2 inch of coolant. I find in my small trim saws that it makes my work a lot easer to clean so I have a better polish. The best part I believe is that I can use my saws in my basement and not have the smell of oil in my house. I can also move my saw into my driveway after I have removed the rock sludge and clean it with my garden hose.

Another great factor is the cost, instead of $11.00 a gal, how about $2.00 a gallon as diluted.