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Lapidary Hint

Remember to sand wet whenever possible. We know that in most cases dry sanding produces better results faster. But consider the hazards to your health. Many of the materials that we work with are toxic or just plain poisonous. The less dust we inhale, the better, Water also helps keep the shop cleaner. Be sure to clean out the sanding machine after each use. The dregs from wet sanding will dry out and become available for a real dispersion. Dust To Us!!!

- Rock Pile via Dusty Rocks 1/91

A few years ago I had trouble getting my cabs to properly fit the belt buckle findings that I purchased at Quartzsite or at various gem shows. When I examined the buckles more carefully I discovered that most of them are not flat but are curved. It was very easy to solve this problem by curving the back of the cab being fitted to the buckle so that the parts fitted together properly. The curve of the grinding wheel made it easy to get this curve. Now my buckles fit together much better and I have less trouble with tightening or losing the screws holding the parts together. Not all buckles are curved so that it is necessary to check them when fitting your cab to the buckle. If the cab is too loose, it can be tightened by placing a cardboard or paper behind the cab. If paper or cardboard is used one should avoid getting the buckle wet as much as possible.

Wayne Ehlers, Rockhound Raming, 9/00, via Rock Writings, 3/04, Grindings, 8/05