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Drilling Holes

If you have a drill press, you can drill holes by using a nail or piece of tubing as the bit and some abrasive grit as the cutting media. It's worked fine for me, even better than diamond bits for small holes. Here's the sequence:

  1. Fix the piece to a scrap of wood with wax or glue.
  2. Clamp the wood to the drill press so the bit is properly positioned to drill the hole.
  3. Build a dam around the hole with modeling clay so you can keep water in the hole at all times.
  4. Sprinkle a little 100-200 grit in the hole.
  5. Drill with light pressure.
  6. Raise the drill out of the hole every 20 seconds or so to let water and grit reach the bottom of the hole.
  7. Add more abrasive grit as needed.

As you reach the bottom of the hole, be careful to ease up on the pressure or you will chip the surface near the exit hole.

Source: Brad Smith